Why the public school system does work, Mr. Carter.

Yesterday while I was watching Sports Center, hall of fame wide receiver Chris Carter was answering questions that fans were asking him on Twitter. The segment concludes with the anchor asking him how his hall of fame speech is going. His answer was that the public school system was catching up to him... Being that I am a public school student and soon to be graduate, I was bothered, annoyed, and insulted by the subtle comment. He not only insulted me, he insulted all the other public school students and graduates. The comment was completely out of place.

I’m tired of public schools being bashed. I've studied in public schools all my life, and I’m a great student, with lots of motivation and aspirations to be great. Last year, my school had 2 students get accepted to MIT (the highest ranked university in the world), 1 to Yale, 5 to Johns Hopkins, and those are only the ivy leagues. We had countless others get accepted to a variety of great universities as well. With these results, are the public school systems as bad as they are portrayed?

Let me also put examples of the great teachers we have, who are usually overlooked because of the reputation public schools have been given. My English teachers work more than 70 hours a WEEK for their classes. They spend time on making lessons interactive, making sure we understand what we are reading, and are available for whenever we need assistance. Furthermore, my math teacher would give tutoring at 6:30 in the morning, during lunch, and after school when AP testing came around. Like them, we have many other public school teachers who are just as dedicated and just as interested in their students learning. Of course, there will be teachers who aren't as excellent, but that is normal. Not all coaches are great either, Mr. Carter.

Maybe if it weren't for all the cuts being made from public schools all around the country, the public school system would be a lot better. If we were to focus on education, which is the key to the future of our country, then it would be superior. Mr. Carter, if you would have known how to handle two sports plus all the school work in high school, then maybe your speech would come a lot easier.

I’ll conclude with this. In my high school, I've been able to do almost everything I have wanted. I've played all he sports I've been interested in (free of charge), started a college readiness program, started my own journalism class, and the list goes on and on. I've also had first-class education from top-notch teachers. But you can’t forget that it’s not all of the school’s responsibility or the teachers or anybodies but your own, to learn.