Green with envy is black with resentment

Photo Credit: Adamo Photography

For those of you who don’t know, Wordpress has a daily prompt page where they give you ideas on what to write about. This was today’s:

Write an anonymous letter to someone you’re jealous of.

Now, I would write a letter to someone I’m jealous of but I’m not going to. Why? It’s simple, I do not envy anyone. It’s not because I think I am greater or superior, it’s because the people that have certain talents, skills, and possessions were born with them or worked hard to develop them or worked hard to obtain them or just got lucky… it's theirs nonetheless.

If you envy what others have you’ll over look what you possess, be it a certain talent or material possession. You won’t take advantage of your talent, you won’t work the countless hours needed to expand your set of skills, and you’ll have such negative vibe that you won’t even get lucky. Envy corrupts the soul, folks.

One can always look up and admire others. You wish to one day be as great as them or be in their shoes but you don’t feel discontent or resentful by not having what they have. You know that one day you will be in their position if you put in the effort. As I pursue my goal of being a journalist I don’t envy the ones out there. I look up to almost all of them for being successful in such a competitive and difficult field and I hope to one day be their colleague.

Lastly, while I was writing this article I could hear my mom’s words and a saying that she always says: “No envidies a nadie, que por algo tienen lo que tienen, sea la razón que sea. A quien Dios se lo dio que San Pedro se lo bendiga.”

In other words (or language): “Do not envy anyone, they have what they have for a reason, whatever the reason may be. Whom God gave it to, St. Peter bless.”