Human Being.


Bryan is a Cuban-American visual storyteller from Miami, FL. He graduated from Syracuse University where he double-majored in photojournalism and international relations with a focus in the international political economy of Latin America and the Caribbean. He is passionate about telling stories visually and he is specifically interested in narratives that relate to sports and culture. He intends for his work to bring attention to specific issues and help promote positive change. His work has received awards in the College Photographer of the Year competition and has been recognized in various NPPA contests. During the summer of 2017, he interned with the Miami Herald.

He is currently a Roy H. Park fellow at the University of North Carolina (UNC) - Chapel Hill and is completing a master's degree in visual communications. 


Email: bcereijo@bryancereijo.com
Phone: (786) 546 - 7390

Photo Credit: Annemarie Wörtz

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